Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summer Snacks

Stick with small, portable foods. In the summer, kids need a lot of energy. They also tend to eat a lot of small meals everyday, so it's great to have wholesome snacks on hand. Anything kids can carry around with them, from breadsticks with dips and hummus to granola and trail mix, works well.

Create fun fruit snacks. One way to get kids to eat fruits in the summertime is to take cored sliced apples, spread them with peanut butter, and sprinkle raisins on them. It's fun and easy, and kids can do it themselves. Any snack that a child makes, Oser knows, is a snack a child is likely to eat.

Try peanut butter alternatives. If by some miracle your kids get tired of peanut butter, you can try hazelnut butter and almond butter.

Make soy ice cream treats. Oser is also a fan of the new soy ice creams, which are delicious, and have got the goodness of soy. Dried fruit and soy nuts are just two examples of tasty, nutritious toppings you can try.

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