Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to prevent germs

Tips for cleaning toys from
  • stay away from bath toys with holes, as they are likely to have  mold. Tomorrow I'm going to throw away the dukies!
  • Scrubbing toys weekly
  • Disinfect washable colorfast plastic toys with regular bleach
  • Dust mites, place stuffed toys in the freezer for at least a few hours. Great idea I learned something new today!

Reduce your child's exposure to germs at school.
  • Children catch about eight colds a year
  • Wash your hands frequently throughout the day
  • Check into the daycare facility's hand-washing policy
  •  Encourage you child to cover his nose or mouth when sneezing or coughing and after using a tissue, throw it away
  • Make sure community toys are clean

I'm going to speak with my sons teacher about these tips because he seems to get sick a lot at school and then I get sick!!

Hello readers..

One of my new years resolutions was to return back to college, and I finally did it yay!! I am very happy with my decision, because I could provide a better future for my son. I have been so busy with homework and being a full time mommy. I have not had a chance to blog or work on new degins for my background. My little one is at preschool during the day, but he gets sick a lot. I guess too much germs ewww... he has come a long way.

Any ideas for fathers day?

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