Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Potty Training

Make sure you’re ready for the start of potty training when your child is.

Starting out on your potty training journey together is a time of excitement, signs of growth and change are happening. If your child shows two or more of these signs, its a good indication that they re ready to start potty training. These signs include staying dry for at least 2 hours at a time, having regular bowel movements, being able to follow simple instructions, being uncomfortable with dirty diapers and wanting them to be changed, asking to use the potty chair, or asking to wear regular underwear. When i started the potty training with my son i will give him a toy or a book and have him sit there for a long time until pee pees or goes number two. The toy or the book keeps him from not wanting to get off.

Things to avoid when toilet training your child are beginning during a stressful time or period of change in the family (moving, new baby, etc.), pushing your child too fast, and punishing mistakes (treat accidents and mistakes lightly). Be sure to go at your child's pace and show strong encouragement and praise when he is successful

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