Saturday, July 25, 2009

Homemade PlayDough Have Fun!


Alternative to Peanut Butter Playdough (Edible)
This is good for kids who want the peanut butter playdough but are allergic to milk found in other peanut butter playdough recipes.
• ½ cup peanut butter
• 2 Tbsp honey
• ½ cup flour
Mix all together.

Peanut Butter
Powdered MilkHoney(a bit of flour for consistency)
1 cup. peanut butter
2/3-1 cup. nonfat dry milk
2 tbsp. honey
Mix ingredients. Add enough powdered milk to make playdough dry enough to handle. Shape into balls. Add raisins to make a face. Or stir in chow mein noodles and make a bird's nest. Or stir in Cheerios or chocolate chips for fun. Eat and enjoy!

Oatmeal Play Dough
Step 1Mix 1 cup of flour with 2 cups of oatmeal.
Step 2Add 1 cup of water to the mix and stir until the dough is pliable.
Step 3Put more flour into the mixture if it is too thin or more water if it is too thick.
Step 4Allow the mixture to dry. This dough can be painted once it hardens and dries.

"Play Dough" Not Edible
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water
Mix well until it forms a ball. Knead add food coloring if desired. If sticky add some flour and if to dry add a small amount of water.

Cinnamon Dough
1 Cup Applesauce
1 Cup Cinnamon
Mix well if sticky add more cinnamon if to dry add more apple sauce ...knead well. Cut with cookie cutters to make ornaments let air dry. These may be painted.

Jello Playdough (Nonedible)
• 1 cup flour
• ½ cup salt
• 2 tsp cream of tartar
1 cup water
• 1 Tbsp cooking oil
• 1-3,1/2 oz. pkg unsweetened jello

Mix all ingredients together in a medium sized saucepan and cook over medium heat. Stir constantly until consistency of mashed potatoes. Let cool and knead with floured hands until dry. Allow the dough to cool completely before storing it in an airtight container or plastic bag.

Friday, July 24, 2009

My son with Autism

I wasn't to sure if I wanted to share my story but as I google Autism I realize that Autism affects about 1 in every 150 children. I felt that I was the only one with an Autism child, but I'm not alone. I was so unaware of Autism, I didn't know anything. What was normal and what wasn't. When My son Mauricio Jr. was born he was born healthy a boy. When he turned two years old I got concerned about him not speaking. The only word he could say is Spongebob. He started to enjoy spinning the wheels of toy cars, lining things, pulling me by my hand when he wanted something, and temper tantrums. My doctor told me he should be able to say a lot more. I was recommended to an early intervention program. The first visit I was told they had concerns but they couldn't give me an answer. The second visit they diagnosed him with Autism, I cried because I couldn't believe it. He is my only son and all this time I thought he was normal just had a delay on speaking. I end up finding out it was more than that, they told me he has no motor skills, no social skills, and no communication skills. Autism is a life long disorder and It's scary. My advice for mothers are if you feel something is not normal talk to your doctor as son as posible. They can diagnose Autism as early as18 months old, and there is help. I don't know what to expect or how my son's future going to be but with love and help he will be fine.

Living with Autism

Living with Autism

People with autism have challenges in the areas of communication, socialization and restricted/repetitive behaviors. A few examples:
Development of language is significantly delayed
Some do not develop spoken language
Experience difficulty with both expressive and receptive language
Difficulty initiating or sustaining conversations
Robotic, formal speech
Repetitive use of language
Difficulty with the pragmatic use of language
Difficulty developing peer relationships
Difficulty with give and take of social interactions
Lack of spontaneous sharing of enjoyment
Impairments in use and understanding of body language to regulate social interaction
May not be motivated by social reciprocity or shared give-and-take
Restricted/Repetitive Behavior
Preoccupations atypical in intensity or focus
Inflexibility related to routines and rituals
Stereotyped movements
Preoccupations with parts of objects
Impairments in symbolic play

What Exactly is Autism?

What Exactly is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or autism is a developmental disability considered the result of a neurological condition affecting normal brain function, development and social interactions. Children and adults with autism find it difficult or impossible to relate to other people in a meaningful way and may show restrictive and/or repetitive patterns of behavior or body movements. While great strides are being made, there is no known cause, or a known singular effective treatment for autism.
There are five developmental disorders that fall under the Autism Spectrum Disorder umbrella and are defined by challenges in three areas: social skills, communication, and behaviors and/or interests.
Autistic Disorder occurs in males four times more than females and involves moderate to severe impairments in communication, socialization and behavior.

Autism signs.

Not speak as well as his or her peers?
Have poor eye contact?
Not respond selectively to his or her name?
Act as if he or she is in his or her own world?
Seem to “tune others out?”
Not have a social smile?
Seem unable to tell you what he or she wants, preferring to lead you by the hand or get desired objects on his or her own, even at risk of danger?
Have difficulty following simple commands?
Not bring things to you simply to “show” you?
Not point to interesting objects to direct your attention to objects or events of interest?
Have unusually long and severe temper tantrums?
Have repetitive, odd, or stereotypic behaviors?
Show an unusual attachment to inanimate objects, especially hard ones (e.g., flashlight or a chain vs. teddy bear or blanket)?
Prefer to play alone?
Demonstrate an inability to play with toys in the typical way?
Not engage in pretend play (if older than age 2)?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10 Ways You Can Exercise At Home Without Any Equipment

Walking – If the weather is nice, it’s wonderful to get outside and enjoy the scenery around you while you exercise. However, if the weather has other ideas, you can just as easily get an effective walking workout at home. If you have a flight of stairs, go up and down them a few times. (You could even grab a load of laundry as you’re going that way anyway!) This will help to tone up your legs, while getting some low impact aerobic exercise as well. If you don’t have any stairs available, just walk around the house a few times – it may not be very exciting, but it will do the job!

Jumping Jacks – These are always fun, as they bring back memories of being a kid! Who hasn’t done jumping jacks for fun as a child? Well, surprise – they are also great cardio exercises, and good for warming up, too.

Pushups – These are probably not the most favorite exercise of many people, but while they can be hard to do, you can find easier ways to do them. You don’t need to pretend you’re “Rocky”, and do them with one hand; just do what works for you. Do them on your knees, instead of keeping your legs straight. Or, do them standing up against a wall. You will be building up arm strength and working out muscles in your chest area.

Leg Lifts – These are great for building up strength and muscles in your legs. If you find it hard to do the exercises with your legs straight, try bending them slightly.

Crunches – The best exercise for building up and strengthening abdominal muscles. When you’re just getting started, don’t worry about getting your head all the way up. So long as you’re going up until you feel the stretching of the muscles, you will see some benefit.

Jogging In Place – Jogging is a great exercise for your heart. You can jog in place at home while watching TV or listening to music. The only equipment you will require is a good pair of shoes, to eliminate any stress to your legs.

Squats – These are wonderful exercises for your legs and buttocks. You can even just try these by sitting and standing up again from a regular chair, if you’re finding them to be too difficult. As long as you’re able to do a few repetitions, you will be providing some benefit to your body.

Light Weight Lifting – No, you don’t need to go out and buy expensive weights for this! Just use whatever you can find in your house. Start out with something lighter, such as a can of peas, and work yourself up to heavier items. You can use milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles or even water jugs.

Dancing – Dancing is a wonderful exercise, which is great for your heart. Not only that, but it can lift your spirits as well, and give your overall feeling a boost.

Step Exercises – Using the steps in your home, you can do repetitions which will tone your leg muscles.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beachside Baby Pool

Small inflatable wading pool

1. Set a small inflatable wading pool under an umbrella and fill it with toys and ocean water. Little ones will still get the full beach experience -- in wave-free miniature -- and older siblings can busy themselves fetching buckets of brine.

Ocean Craft


This mini ocean made major waves with our kid testers, who loved to send the shells, sand, and water tossing and tumbling. The project starts with a clean plastic bottle (ours is an 18-ounce beverage container). Pour in 1/4 cup of sand and add a handful of small shells (we used ten). Mix a drop of green and a drop of blue food coloring into 6 cups of water, then use the tinted water to fill the bottle halfway. Add a pinch of silver glitter. Fill the rest of the bottle with mineral or baby oil, leaving as little air space at the top as possible. Run a line of hot glue around the inside of the bottle cap, then quickly screw on the cap to create a spill-proof seal.

Who needs a babysitter! So Cute!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Service

Michael Jackson Memorial Service
Details about the Michael Jackson Funeral:

Michael Jackson will be privately buried July 7th at Forest Lawn Cemetery at 8 am.
The public memorial ceremony to follow will be:
Date: July 7, 2009Time: 10:00 am
Place: Staples Center

Watch Michael Jackson's memorial service on 1PM ET - 10 AM PT Live
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Fox News

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