Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chores for Little Ones

Ways to help around the house

Making the Bed
Realistically, your beds haven't had that perfectly made look since your first child was born, so why worry about that now? A toddler can bring up the corners, press down the wrinkles, and tuck in the unseemly overhangs with a fair amount of skill. Whatever you do, let her arrange the pillows (and resist the temptation to straighten them out). When you walk through the bedroom later, those crooked pillows will make you smile.

Fun with Dusting
It takes only a small investment to purchase a feather duster, and kids love 'em: they tickle, they're funny looking, and they work. Designate the areas that need cleaning and any that are off-limits. Since the feather duster allows your child to extend his reach, make sure he knows what not to touch. Or, simply remove any valuables. You want him to dust under them anyway, right.


socks is a good way to get started. Most adults don't like to do this anyway, and it can keep a toddler occupied for quite some time. Begin by asking him to separate the dark colors from the light ones, then see if he can match up the pairs. Later, he can sort the clothes by category (for example, shirts in one spot and pants in another) and even put his own clothes in his dresser drawers.

Sweeping and Vacuuming
Most toddlers can't handle a large vacuum cleaner. As for brooms, more dirt ends up on the chairs and counter tops than in the dustpan. To combat clumsiness, let your child use a hand-held vacuum, or better yet, a lightweight rechargeable upright or carpet sweeper. These are great on carpets and bare floors and actually accomplish something. You can sweep the dirt into piles for her and let her tackle the carpets on her own. You may find yourself taking the heavy artillery out far less often.

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  1. One of the first chores my son with autism did around the house was to empty silverware out of the dishwasher. This was a great "sorting" activity! He was 4 when he started this chore and at first I removed all the sharp knives before I let him do this.

    Sweeping and carrying baskets of laundry are great activities/chores for kids who have sensory-motor issues.


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