Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Turkey Note Holder

What you'll need:

2 jumbo craft sticks
Brown acrylic craft paint
Small wooden clothespin
Small straw hat, cut in half
Small red foam heart
Miniature orange foam triangle
2 yellow foam chick feet
2 small wiggle eyes
White craft glue
Hot glue gun
9 feathers in fall colors

How to make it:
Paint both craft sticks and clothespin with brown paint, set aside to dry. Paint a second coat on the craft sticks, but not the clothespin.
Glue feathers in a fan behind one of the craft sticks. Sandwich the second craft stick behind the feathers.
Glue the straw hat half to the top of the craft stick.
Glue two wiggle eyes under the hat.
Glue red heart upside down for waddle. Glue the orange triangle upside down at the top of the waddle.
Glue the yellow duck feet to the bottom of the craft stick, pointing upward.
Glue the clothespin to the front of the craft stick, pointing downward.

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