Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Easy Centerpieces for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Candle Centerpiece
easy and simple only 3 ingredients pumpkin, a candle, and berry sprigs.

What could be simpler for Thanksgiving Centerpiece Corn and Candles.

  • dried corn

  • plain glass jar

Serve up a stylish centerpiece by simply centering a serving tray on an autumn-orange table runner and filling it with a sampling of mini pumpkins and fall plants.


  1. Love these ideas! Where can you buy the dried corn?

  2. this stuff is awesomee especially the candle in the glass square

  3. Hi, I really like the last picture. I plan on having an autumn wedding at home, for simplicity. I also don't want to over do anything. And that would work great for me for a centerpiece idea.


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