Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas decorations

Styrofoam Snowman
What you'll need:
Two inch Styrofoam ball (Note: or use three balls in incremental sizes)
Two and a half inch Styrofoam ball
Three inch Styrofoam ball
Four toothpicks
Mini black pom poms
Orange chenille stem (regular or bumpy)
Wire cutters
Tacky glue
Piece of ribbon or felt
Butter knife

How to make it:
Take a butter knife and even off the bottom of the largest Styrofoam ball. This will allow the snowman to stand up.
Push a toothpick halfway into the top of the largest Styrofoam ball (make sure the flat bottom is on the table).
Push the medium-sized Styrofoam ball onto the toothpick.
Push a toothpick a little more than halfway into the top of the medium-sized Styrofoam ball. (Note: You don't want the toothpick sticking out the top of the head!)
Push the smallest Styrofoam ball on top of the toothpick. This is the head.
Cut a short piece of orange chenille stem off for the nose. (Parents please do this step)
Push the nose into the middle of the (front) of the smallest Styrofoam ball.
Glue on pom pom eyes, mouth, and buttons.
Cut a strip of felt or ribbon for the scarf. Glue where the scarf crosses both to the Styrofoam ball and to the other piece of scarf.
Stick two toothpicks in the middle-sized Styrofoam ball for the arms. (see photo)
How fun! Your own non-melting snowman!

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