Sunday, May 10, 2009

Teacup Card

What you'll need:

Cardstock paper (White)
Lace material
Artificial flowers
Pearl beads
¼" ribbon (colored)
Colored paper ( ½ x ½" square-shaped)
Double-sided padded tape
Glue or glue gun
Thread (colored)
Pencil and ruler

How to make it:
Step 1:
Trace out the template onto cardstock.
Cut out with scissors.
Glue lace material on front of card ½" below top edge.
Glue ¼" wide ribbon over top edge of lace and across back of card.
Create a small bow with ¼" ribbon and glue on top of ribbon.
Step 2: Teacup
Place padded tape along the bottom of teacup and adhere teacup to bottom.
Place padded tape on back of the teacup and glue to center of lace.
Step 3: Tag
Cut 2" piece of thread and glue a ½" square of colored paper to one end.
Glue the other end of ribbon to inside of teacup.
Step 4:
Glue (1) pearl in the center of flower heads.
Glue a flower onto bottom right of teacup.
Glue a flower on top of bow on front of card.
Loop a small piece of ribbon and glue on back of card.
Glue a small pearl bead on loop.

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