Friday, May 22, 2009

Seashell Shadow Box

Seashell Shadow Box


1. Remove the back of the shadow box and place the box on a table with the glass side down. Beginning at the bottom of the box, begin arranging the seashells. For the best balance, position several larger seashells as the lower layer, with medium sized seashells in the middle and smaller ones at the top.

2. Place the seashells in upside down, so that you're looking at the bottom of them and the fronts will show through the glass.

3. Use smaller shells to fill in any gaps between the larger shells. Gently pick up the box and tip it on a slight angle to force the shells to fall into a natural position. You'll probably find that this creates a gap at the top which should be filled in with more small shells.

4. Preview your shadow box seashell display by carefully holding the box above your head to see through the glass. If the shells are positioned in a pleasing way, replace the cardboard back and fasten in place with the pins or tacks provided.

5. If there is too much gap between the shells and the cardboard, fill the space with quilt batting, fun foam, more cardboard, or other lightweight material that will prevent the shells from moving.

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