Friday, May 22, 2009

Sea Shells Decorations

Summer is just around the coner. Hey moms plan a vacation to the beach. Collecting Sea shells is so much fun. Plus you can decorate your home with them.

How to Decorate a Mirror or Picture Frame With Seashells


Things You'll Need:Sea shells, Glue Guns,Glues,Picture Frames, and wall mirrors

Step 1Collect or buy seashells.
Step 2Clean and dry the shells carefully.
Step 3Select a wall mirror or picture frame with a flat frame. If you use a picture frame, remove the glass before decorating it. If you use a mirror and it is not removable from the frame, cover the mirror surface with newspaper stuck under the edge of the frame to protect it from the glue.
Step 4Choose a frame that is made of wood or plastic for the best results.
Step 5Sort through your shells and lay them on the frame in different arrangements to see what you like best. Consider decorating a frame with shells of one type or mixing and matching many kinds.
Step 6Space the shells apart if you would like to see the color of the frame as a background. Arrange them tightly together if you do not wish to see the frame.
Step 7Try to place the flattest part of your shell against the frame so it will attach easily.
Step 8Pick up the shells one by one and spread glue on them using a glue gun or a tacky craft glue.
Step 9Press the shell against the frame and hold it for a second before moving to the next shell.
Step 10Remember that until the glue sets, the shell will move if you bump it.
Step 11Allow the glue to dry completely before standing the frame up or hanging it on the wall.

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