Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Twilight quiz

Twilight quiz ( Questions vary easy to hard) Questions from the book not the movie


1. What condition might Bella have that Edward finds highly amusing?

  • Sominphobia
  • Nercrophobia
  • Glossiphobia
  • Hemophobia

2. As an inside joke, what do the Cullens call themselves when it comes to their diet?

  • Vergans
  • Vegeterians
  • They only hunt animals so they call themselves Vegeterians

3. What color does Edward love on Bella?

  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blue

4. Why must the Cullens play baseball during thunder storms?

  • To conceal the sound
  • To hide Bellas scent
  • So there r no humans around

5. What did Bellas would be killer solve one of the Cullens mysteries

  • The origen of Alice
  • The origen of Edward
  • The origen of Carlisle

6. In what city and year was Edward born?

  • 1901, Chicago
  • 1902, Chicago
  • 1903, sanfransico

7. In the quiluete legends what r the Cullens reffered to

  • Bloodsuckers
  • Cold ones
  • Leeches Pale faces

8. Who was Edward suppose to fall in love with?

  • Alice
  • Esme
  • Rosalie
  • No one

9. Which of the following boys desired Bella as a partner in the spring dance?

  • Edaward, Jacob, Mike
  • Eric, Tyler, Mike
  • She didnt go

10. When Bella attempts to hide herself from Edwards view in class what motion does she perform that sets him even more on edge?

  • She takes a deep breath
  • she moves her hair
  • she moves

11. When Edward asks Bella about her favorite gemstone, what does she tell him?

  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Topaz

12. What is Bella suprised about when she meets edward

  • The sharpness in his voice
  • The fact he called her bella
  • His eyes where coal black

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  1. i love twilight its the best show ever i cant wait utill part 2 of breaking dawn comes out


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