Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Window Hangers


Orange craft foam
Green craft foam
Brown chenille stick
Brown or black marker
Suction cup hanger
Orange glitter glue
Hot glue gun
White craft glue

Trace the pattern onto orange craft foam and cut out.
Cut out leaves from the green craft foam and use white glue to adhere the leaves to the top of the pumpkins.
Use a marker to draw lines onto your pumpkins.
Let the glue dry.
Cut a four inch piece off the chenille stick and save the remainder for another project. Fold the four inch piece in half, creating a loop at one end.
Hot glue the open end of the chenille stick to the back of the pumpkin for the stem, leaving about one inch showing with the loop at the top.
Paint pumpkins with orange glitter glue and let them dry.
Attach suction cup to a window and hang pumpkin by the stem.

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