Friday, July 24, 2009

My son with Autism

I wasn't to sure if I wanted to share my story but as I google Autism I realize that Autism affects about 1 in every 150 children. I felt that I was the only one with an Autism child, but I'm not alone. I was so unaware of Autism, I didn't know anything. What was normal and what wasn't. When My son Mauricio Jr. was born he was born healthy a boy. When he turned two years old I got concerned about him not speaking. The only word he could say is Spongebob. He started to enjoy spinning the wheels of toy cars, lining things, pulling me by my hand when he wanted something, and temper tantrums. My doctor told me he should be able to say a lot more. I was recommended to an early intervention program. The first visit I was told they had concerns but they couldn't give me an answer. The second visit they diagnosed him with Autism, I cried because I couldn't believe it. He is my only son and all this time I thought he was normal just had a delay on speaking. I end up finding out it was more than that, they told me he has no motor skills, no social skills, and no communication skills. Autism is a life long disorder and It's scary. My advice for mothers are if you feel something is not normal talk to your doctor as son as posible. They can diagnose Autism as early as18 months old, and there is help. I don't know what to expect or how my son's future going to be but with love and help he will be fine.

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  1. Your son is beautiful! I hope that you have been able to find an early intervention program to get him into. I would also recommend trying to "work" and play with your son at home as much as you are able to. Best wishes to you both!


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