Friday, July 24, 2009

Living with Autism

Living with Autism

People with autism have challenges in the areas of communication, socialization and restricted/repetitive behaviors. A few examples:
Development of language is significantly delayed
Some do not develop spoken language
Experience difficulty with both expressive and receptive language
Difficulty initiating or sustaining conversations
Robotic, formal speech
Repetitive use of language
Difficulty with the pragmatic use of language
Difficulty developing peer relationships
Difficulty with give and take of social interactions
Lack of spontaneous sharing of enjoyment
Impairments in use and understanding of body language to regulate social interaction
May not be motivated by social reciprocity or shared give-and-take
Restricted/Repetitive Behavior
Preoccupations atypical in intensity or focus
Inflexibility related to routines and rituals
Stereotyped movements
Preoccupations with parts of objects
Impairments in symbolic play

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